About Us

Located in Chelsea, Quebec, Canada,  and founded in 2012 by two time Canadian Olympian, Ian Bird, Chelsea Field Hockey Club follows a mantra is:

To grow team experience for male and female athletes between the ages of 8 and 21. 

Chelsea Phoenix strives to align club programming with the Sport for Life model of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). For the  athletes in the U10 and U12 age groups the emphasis will be on physical literacy, learning to compete, and FUN! You may have heard about physical literacy, but what exactly is it?

It is the development of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills that permit a child to move confidently and with control, in a wide range of physical activity, rhythmic (dance) and sport situations. Physical literacy also includes the ability to “read” what is going on around them in an activity setting and react appropriately to those events.

Although many children at this age will have developed a preference for one sport or another, for fully authentic development they need to engage in a broad range of activities, playing at least 23 different sports. While competition is important, it is learning to compete that should be the focus – not winning.

For full physical literacy children should learn fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills in each of the four basic environments: on the ground, in the water, on snow and ice, and in the air. (from: Developing Physical Literacy at sportforlife.ca)

Chelsea Phoenix is in this for the long term! We want the club to grow and we want to support all our athletes as they develop skills and learn to compete.