U8 / U10

Family Fun

U12 / U14

Skills & Social

U14 / U15

Grown & Compete

U18 / U23

Train to Perform

U8 / U10: Family Fun

Our U8/U10 program is a family-oriented program designed towards building a positive field hockey experience with multi-age practices at family-friendly locations and times.  Chelsea Field Hockey supports an inclusive environment with a focus on building community.

U12 / U14: Skills & Social Connection

Social connection and multi-sport participation is the focus. Coaches showcase field hockey drills to increase coordination and fine motor skills.

The U12/U14 group loves the team feel of soccer plus the added ball speed of hockey.  There is more focus on learning and building team bonds, training time, fun and player improvement.

U14 / U15 – U16: Grow to Compete

The goal is to grow team and player confidence and competencies through experience. There is higher program emphasis on positioning and field space. Players learn how to move the ball with a higher understanding of the rules and game strategy.

Training and competition go hand-in-hand with specific training protocols implemented to mirror in-game scenarios. More competitive opportunities such as tournaments are introduced at this stage — while still supporting social connections and fun experiences.

U18 / U23 Train to Perform

Fostering a “train to compete” & “train to perform” methodology, athletes develop and leverage core skills in competitive environments.

More focus is placed on skills-training under pressure. Athletes begin to integrate technical, tactical and physiological elements into the game. Field hockey sport -specific training sessions begin to occur at a higher cadence.

Players implement personal development best-practices which support strength/muscle development, rest-restore-prepare balances, and nutritional health.

Players interested in high-performance competition have the opportunity to participate on the Quebec Program of Excellence team where specific athletic training for short and long-term performance goals are identified, introduced and implemented through camps and competitions.